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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Routine

The lovely trizh tagged me for this ages ago. I haven't been able to backread posts as much as I want to, so I only saw that she tagged me last Friday. Sometimes I wish I had Adam Sandler's remote in Click so I'll have more time for school and for blogging. XD

I don't have a fixed routine, what I put on my face really all depends on what I feel like. It's all about the experiments!

First I start with the only thing I constantly use : good old Hydro Splash.

I then top the BB cream off with either one of the Pigeons or Elianto Baked - whichever is closer to me at the moment.

If I feel like wearing eyeliner, I use one of these:
(From LEFT: Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Prune - it's a fun purple eyeliner that I super love!, TFS Automatic eyeliner in White, ELF Waterproof eyeliner pen in Coffee. My mom loved my Nichido Bronze Glow so much that she gave me one of her swanky Lancome liners in exchange for it. Haha!)

Lately I've taken a liking to putting ELF's Custom Eyes in Truly Pink on the inner corners of my lids. The pale pink blends with my skintone nicely and makes me look more awake.

And then, if I feel like wearing blush it's a choice among these four Careline shades:
(From TOP LEFT, clockwise: Rosy Cheeks, Starlight Shine, Peach Glow, Touch of Pink)

Although if I feel lazy and don't feel like using brushes I just use my fingers on these things:

These two below are currently my go-to products if I feel like wearing lip gloss:

And finally, if I feel like wearing lipstick, it's TFS' awesome MLBB color, BR803:

And there you have it, my (very indecisive) makeup routine!


  1. hi sis.. Saw it na.. Cute ng blushes mo. hihi. ;)

  2. hi! could you do a review on the careline blush in starlight shine? :) is it good for those with light-medium skintones?


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