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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Face Shop Strawberry Yogurt Pack

aka Goop I've Put on My Face Lately part 1!

I bought this wash-off mask two weeks ago to give my skin a little "reward" from not breaking out even after being constantly exposed to jeepney fumes and MRT body heat. (I've been commuting a lot lately. It can get pretty cramped sometimes, but it's alright.)

This product costs around P265.00. It's packaged like those little packets of Anchor butter that come with fancy cafe bread rolls. It also has a very nice strawberry scent.

Very cute! (And misleadingly edible!)

The product amount is a letdown, though. Look at how little a packet contains:

Because of the sparse amount, I wasn't able to cover my face as luxuriously as I wanted to. It works reasonably well, however, as I immediately noticed my skin tighten and brighten after washing it off.

This is an okay face mask, but I probably won't be buying it again since it doesn't come in generous portions. I want to be able to SLATHER my face with it! XD


  1. looks yummy, but yes, quite expensive for such a small "serving" :)

  2. thanks for d review! i've been meaning to try these! pero sayang nga ankonti lng ng laman :(

    better go with the full-sized packs n lng


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