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Friday, September 25, 2009

Saizen Twin Eyeshadow

Ahhh, Saizen. That place is a veritable treasure trove of cheap thrills! Everything for just P85! <3<3<3

When I first visited the store about three months ago, it didn't have much makeup. Just last week, though, I was happy to find that it had stocked up on more of it!

This neutral eyeshadow duo was what I got along with some household items and nail supplies.

The duo is of a reasonably portable size and comes with its own tiny mirror. The mirror is prone to getting dirty, however, because it's in the same spot as the applicator.

The shadows aren't very pigmented, but considering the super cheap price, I'm not complaining.

I think it shows up rather nicely on my lids (since I'm such a barely-there makeup fan and all...).


  1. angie i miss you :)

    i love your brown eyes...

    i changed my domain name angie.
    kindly delete my old website in your list and add my new one???

    para hindi ma double ang site ko sayo...

    musta naaaaaaa???????

  2. I absolutely must go to saizen!


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