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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Face Shop Cushion Touch Jelly Tint in Cherry

I was originally going to get their Cushion Touch lip plumper in the purple shade because I wanted something on the purple side for a change. Unfortunately it turned out that the lip plumper didn't have much pigment, so I got this hot pink gloss instead.

The packaging is on the bulky side, so it's not really shove-in-your-pocket material.

The applicator is completely made of plastic but is surprisingly soft on the lips.

And while it may seem very shocking in the tube, the color is actually very wearable:


  1. It does look nice on your lips.

  2. It looks nice on you. I think I have the same color except mine's in a tube and it doesn't have a wand. =) I love it, too.


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