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Monday, August 31, 2009

Prestige lipstick in Sophia + an award from Sofia

I dedicate this review to Sofia, who gave me an award not too long ago and (almost) shares the same name as the lipstick! Thank you for this blogger buddie award, Sofia! :D

Now, on to the product!

Sophia is a pale pink lipstick worth P295.00 at Beauty Bar. It's a pretty reasonable price, isn't it?

The lipstick is neither drying nor moisturizing, and smells slightly of wax. Fortunately, the scent is tolerable. As for its texture, a layer of lip balm is helpful but optional if your lips don't dry quickly.

I was hoping for the pale pink color to be more opaque, but it wasn't. :(

I think Prestige lipsticks are decent enough, but there are definitely better products from other brands. I might still try more colors from them, however, because they have a wide range of colors.

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