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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Face Shop Hydro Splash BB Cream

I was waiting and waiting for Face Shop to restock their Quick & Clean BB, until one fateful night at their branch at Bonifacio High Street...

...I found Hydro Splash, their new BB Cream! At P695.00, it's very close in price to Q&C. I believe it's a super reasonable price, considering how high some other BB creams *COUGHSKINFOODCOUGH* go for locally!

The writing on the package is mostly in Korean, but the SA assured me it's water-based. Water-based is a good thing for a BB cream beginner like me, right? Hahaha

It's a dead-looking beige color when unblended on my skin,

but it evens out rather nicely afterward.

I roadtested this last Tuesday, applying it with a sponge and finishing it with a layer of Pigeon. This is me wearing it in the bathroom at around 8AM, before leaving for a busy day of school:
(OH NO YOU'VE SEEN MY WHOLE FACE! I'M SHY! Also, hair's still wet! Can't tie it yet!)

And this is me 9 hours later at around 5PM:
(Now I'm wearing the classic "haggard college student" ponytail!)

Hmmm.... is that a shiny forehead and nose I see?

Pigeon powder to the rescue!
(Good as new again! I wish I could say the same for my hair, though. XD)

I really really like how this BB cream works on me. It's not heavy feeling and gives me a great finish every time I put it on. I also like how it blends very quickly on my skin and doesn't make me end up looking like espasol. Its scent is also bearable - it smells rather like sunscreen at first, but it goes away really quickly.

I'm not so sure if I should call it my HG BB cream yet since this is only the second one I've tried so far (the first one FAILED terribly, might I add), but Hydro Splash is quite a contender for that coveted HG title.


  1. OMG, am I the only one who's not into BB cream? Heck, I haven't even seen an actual BB cream in my life.

    Wow, you're so pretty dearie. I wish this will not be the last time we'll see your pretty face on your blog. Plus, I'm loving your flawless face. I don't think you need a BB cream anymore.

  2. ^Hahaha sis, pumapalakpak naman ang tenga ko sa sinabi mo! But thank you for telling me that my face is flawless, it means the BB cream is actually working! :DDD

  3. Tama si Golden. You look absolutely flawless in this review. Parang ngayon ko lang nakita mukha mo sa kaka-libot ko dito sa blog mo. :D

    BTW, I gave you an award!
    check mo na lang sa blog ko. HIHI

  4. i also saw this at the face shop, and i'm thinking of getting this as my next bb cream (currently using skinfood mushroom)

    thanks for d review!

  5. I haven't seen this BB cream at any Face Shop store I've been to! Must be a best-seller! The only one i see were those variants which are around P1,200--a little pricey especially for someone who's just a BB cream newbie like me.

    I love the fact that this BB cream is actually water-based, so less worries about me breaking out! I'm definitely keeping a tab on the Face Shop stores and look for this as soon as they get new stocks! Thanks for this fabulous review! :D

  6. I plan on buying a BB cream, since hindi pa ako nakasubok nito and gusto ko talagang i-try if maganda.

    It blends well naman sa skin sis though ganyan kulay right? I'll buy one, since it's cheaper... :)

  7. too bad we don't have TFS here in Iloilo yet! but when we do, I will definitely try that one! Thanks for posting this!

    4u2's BB Cream does suck! I tried the tester and the results are not good.

    Skin Food Gingko BB Cream is making my skin oily(out of kapal muks sa tester, and the snotty saleslady is eyeing on me like I'm some kind of burglar). A really good Skin Food BB Cream is the Agave Cactus one(AGAIN, TESTER!) but.. as you already know.. Skin Food products here in the Philippines are more expensive than tuition fees.

    And to quote golden and sofia, you really look flawless in those pics(which is my motivation in buying that XD)

  8. Unfortunately Live, it's been out of stock for a long time now. My tube is almost out, I'll need to look for an alternative that performs just as well. :(

    I'm actually thinking of Elianto's BB cream as a possible candidate, the one with the green cap. A friend of mine has been raving about it lately.

  9. thanks for this review...I've searching for a nice BB cream that could actually work for me and NOT give me breakouts...think I might try this out..Cuz the finishing is quite nice on you..love it..BTW, your new follower here..=)


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