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Friday, September 18, 2009

Purederm Strawberry Yogurt Pack

aka Goop I've Put on My Face Lately part 2!

Compared to Face Shop's version, this product is a complete WINNER.

Why? Not only is it dirt cheap (P29.00 at big Watson's stores, meaning it's just under P100 for 3 packs), it's also very creamy in texture.

Remember what I said about wanting to slather my face with a facial mask before? Well, I can totally do that with this one!

This mask has a fainter strawberry smell than the Face Shop one, but that's okay since the luxurious consistency more than makes up for that. The former also has the same tightening-brightening effect for a fraction of the latter's price!


  1. this is a face mask right? so i have to wash this after using? =)
    thanks for posting! will check it out sa watsons..

  2. oohh. i would love to check this out :)it really looks promising <3

  3. ooooh, will definitely check this out! thanks for this! :)

  4. this is awesome, thank you! i will def look for this on my next trip to watson's :)

  5. try chilling this in the ref until it's cold or as long as you like(chiller or ref but not freezer!)

    It feels reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally relaxing like a facial spa. And pores tighten quickly :)


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