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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Careline blush in Rosy Cheek

Happy 9/9/9 day!

I can never stop saying how awesome Careline's blushes are despite their dirt cheap price.

This pretty, just-flushed pink is definitely solid proof that makeup need not be expensive to achieve great results.



  1. i agree! careline, awesome! :DD my fave is their peach glow blush. this one looks very nice too. :)

  2. i remember using this when nasa college pa ako.. im using 3 of their shades.. agree, its inexpensive but really nice product!

  3. Really, Careline?? Ooh I never thought of trying this brand out, but now I'll give it a go, thanks to this review.:)

  4. is 9/9/9 a lucky date? :) ooh this does look pretty, i'm tempted to buy it :)

  5. i have this blusher :D ,looks natural and pretty ..

  6. Is this very pigmented? I want only a subtle color on my cheeks for a healthy-looking flush. Touch of Pink is pretty subtle, but a bit cool on my warm skin tone so I got this. I like that Rosy Cheek has a bit of shimmer too. =)

  7. ^Yup, it's quite pigmented. In the face shot above, I only used two swipes. (Haha going back to this post made me realize how bad my photography was in the early days of this blog. I feel like redoing the picture. OC much? XD )

  8. I really like this shade :) Very natural and doesn't make the users look like they've had a "slapping session" with an enemy :D


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