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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lipstick Swatching at Watson's

[ETA: Picture thumbnails made larger so you can see the lipstick brands better]

My blockmates and I are SO ready to build a statue in honor of our professor, who very kindly moved this Thursday's deadline to two weeks from now.

YAY I'M FREE! Since schoolwork isn't eating so much of my time anymore, I can post more often again!

Anyway, my mother sent me off to the grocery this afternoon to pick up some things for the fridge. After that errand, I went to the nearby Watson's and fooled around with some lipsticks (and one blush):
(Click to enlarge!)

I tried out Rose Shimmer and Cosmic Pearl from Nichido, GTalk's most recent lipstick finds. Not so sure about the metallic finishes on these two, but I think they're both pretty shades of pink. (I'm leaning more towards Rose Shimmer, though.)

Then I tried some of Maybelline's Moisture Extreme lipsticks, thanks to sis Golden mentioning them on her blog. Cosy Tangerine failed to wow me (too bad, I had high hopes for it!), but Silk Flower seems like an awesome color even though I'm not really a fan of dark shades.

Just for fun, I swatched a random peachy-nude lipstick from L'Oreal too. Can't remember the name, though.

And finally, I tried out Careline's Starlight Shine blush, mainly because of this review. Careline blushes are starting to grow on me - they're very good quality for their price. I like to think of them as the poor college student's alternative to NARS, at least until that poor college student manages to save up enough for something like Luster or Orgasm. >8D

And here's the obligatory "different lighting" shot:

I was actually about to buy Rose Shimmer, but then my mother called, telling me to stop wandering around and floor it back home. Boo. Maybe next time.


  1. Rose Shimmer does look nice. I like Silk Flower, too. What brand of lippie is it?


  2. hahaha Jackie, it's Maybelline...

  3. you should try maybelline's watershine in natural :) its my lips but better shade :) can sometimes look coral in color or sometimes pinkish-mauve :)

  4. magandang reference ito sa mga must haves ng nichido lipstick...

    re: careline... oo sister... mag collect tayo! may mga kulang pa ako. haha!

  5. Rose Shimmer looks so pretty. Hmmm... My makeup list is growing and I haven't bought a single makeup this past 2 months yet. Blame it on ukayukay shopping. Haha!

    Sis, my Maybelline Moisture Extreme is Coral Pink but I really don't like it and I doubt it if you will like it too.

  6. hi sis, I have Nichido Rose Shimmer and it is nice :) Yun lang not long lasting :)


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