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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Etude House Post-enrolment Haul

After enrolment last Wednesday, I treated myself to some shopping! Some of you are probably thinking "What?! Etude House AGAIN?", but there's just something about that store's prices (and quality!) that make shopping there extremely gratifying. ♥

The return of the black background! I don't set it up as often
anymore because I end up taking longer to get the picture's
lighting just right. Yes, I am OC that way. :P

I got myself...
  • one of their facial washes: Super great value! P148.00 for 150ml!
  • their Lemon Sugar lotion: I already finished my Strawberry Lollipop and was supposed to get the Steamed Milk variant, but I ended up not liking the smell so I got this instead. Citrus love yay!
  • the Baby Skin Veiling Pact: to replace my school compact - the Indonesian Pigeon, which is long overdue for retirement :|
  • and their powder brush: I've made the jump from sponges to brushes, and I finally understand why makeup experts prefer them! Expect a post on that sometime this week! (Hopefully LOL)
And this was the fabulously FAB freebie that came with it:

It's an UBER GIRLY pen! Looking at it automatically
makes me think of unicorns and rainbows wahahaha!
For a giveaway pen, it writes pretty well!


  1. nice!
    you really love etude house

    i bought their baking soda facial foam just because of the scent..it smells so clean!

    you're right about what you said about EH..there's something about the price & the store...but for some reason, i think im not that impressed with the quality...but then i still look forward to going there just because the interior is soooo cute!

  2. They also gave me the girly pen LOL! :) I hope you can do review on their powder brush.

  3. I have the Happy Teatime Aloe Tea Cleansing Cream.

    I agree. I am not adventurous when it comes to makeups and toiletries. But I instantly got hooked with it when I came across the Etude House shop. I just keep on coming back and wanting for more...

    By the way, you're blog has been my "go to" site everytime I look for new Etude products! (",)

  4. You're right, I went back to Etude again to shop and got that cute pen as a freebie :)


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