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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am a brush convert!

It all started on a SUPER BORING summer day, when I decided to apply the Dr. Oil Shine Free Finish powder

with an unbranded powder brush from a set that I got as a prize from a friend's debut.

Surprise! I actually liked the brushed-on finish more than the sponged-on one!

The brush works fine, but it's a bit flimsy and gets more frayed at the edges after each wash. :|

So when I went to Etude last week, I got their powder brush too. I really like it!

I was thinking to myself, "I may as well get this,
I'm already here anyway!"
I'm already very happy with this brush, but thanks to Panda Eyes' very convincing feedback, I'm still quite curious about the Marionnaud powder brush - IT'S CHEAPER BUT LOOKS JUST AS GOOD! I wasn't able to go to Watson's that day to test it out, though. Maybe someone out there will make a review for it? :D


  1. Donnarence posted a review of Marionnaud's eyeshadow brush here:

    Sana their powder brush is just as good. As for me I use Ellana's baby kabuki brush. I have their 3-piece set as well pero mas love ko dalhin yung baby buki as it's very handy :)

  2. I can't wait to be a brush convert too. I just ordered a set of brush. I hope I get them before the month ends.

    Lots of love,

  3. Upon seeing the very cute photo Etude House Dr. Oil Solution I went out and picked one up. LOL! :D

    I also got the powder brush from Marionaud. :) I think I have 5 of brushes from them but I got 2 of the slanted ones. ^_^

  4. ^Really? Hahaha I should put cutesy faces onto all of the products I review then, to give their companies more profit! XD

    How is the Marionnaud powder brush? :D I hope you can make a review of that!

  5. uber ganda ng mga marionnaud brushes! feel ko super worth it ung pera ko. ;)


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