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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Body Shop Beeswax Texturising Wax

Just a quick post before school eats me alive again. EEKTHESIS >_<

I'm really not a hair product person, even though styling my hair takes up a good amount of my prep time before heading outside. I blowdry, I iron, and at the suggestion of a friend, put on some of this supermarket anti-frizz serum. This routine kept my hair properly in place in the past, but because of the really strange hot-humid-rainy weather nowadays, I realized I needed something stronger that didn't have the goopiness of hair gel. Hello hair wax!

At first I tried some of the stuff my brother uses, but I found it way too sticky. It also smelled too dude-ey. So off I went to The Body Shop, because I had a vague memory of a hair products section the last time I went there. (And also because most of their products smell nice HAHA)

Price: P450.00
Location Bought: The Body Shop Shang
Approximate Date Bought: last month

LOL, texturiSing wax. How very British.

Packaging: It's a simple screw-top tub common to many brands of hair wax. The off-white color of the plastic and the labels they used make it look nicely organic, though.

Under the screw-top lid is this plastic thingy. I suspect it's for keeping the container airtight for plane travel.

Actual Usage: The wax is soft and emollient, almost like petroleum jelly. It doesn't feel heavy on the hair. It also has a really yummy honey scent, the kind that reminds you of desserts and sweet things you can eat for breakfast. It's absolutely nothing like my brother's icky hair wax! (Not that his wax doesn't do a good job, mind you. I suppose it's really just more suited to boys.)

So, why do I need hair wax for my hair anyway? You see, my hair right now is what Victoria Beckham used to have - an angled bob. My hair is slightly wavy, so if I don't style it, the "points" of the bob fly all over the place. Thankfully, the BTW does a really good job!
I get natural-looking pointy bob-points for the rest of the day!
(These points are important - they make my round face look slimmer! \m/)
On a financial note, I don't think the priciness of this product (compared to its supermarket counterparts) is an issue, because a little goes a LOOOONG way!


  1. Great review Angie! :) And, I'm not much of a hair product person either.

  2. thanks for the review! I think I have to try this one. =)


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