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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

10 Things About Me

Gracie tagged me for this ages ago, and I finally have the time to do it!

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1. Angie is actually from my second name. I go by Dee (from my first name) IRL.

2. Growing up, I loved video games. I still do, especially the weird, quirky kind like Katamari, Loco Roco, and most games on the Nintendo DS. I'm also the "horror game frontliner" for my friends whenever we get together. (They hand me the controller, I play the game - for example, Fatal Frame II, and they huddle behind me watching. XD) In my younger years, I used to be a total Final Fantasy addict too. Today, I still play XII on occasion.

See details
3. I actually didn't care about makeup back in high school. I went to a conservative Catholic school that banned makeup, and since my attention was majorly preoccupied with video games at the time, I didn't bother to sneak things like lip gloss and blush like most of my schoolmates did. Eventually college came around, and with the wardrobe freedom it gave me, I started experimenting. People who know me from my "geek days" usually get shocked when they find out I'm a recent makeup convert. (That's also why my tagline is "geeky on the outside, girly on the inside"!)
See details: Assortment of coloured lipsticks

See details: Mascara
4. Next to nail polish, lip products are my favorite kind of makeup. I guess this is pretty obvious, given Nail Polish Ninja and the number of lipstick/gloss reviews I already have on this blog. On the other hand, I hate mascara the most because I don't like the heavy feeling it gives my eyelashes.

5. I love takoyaki, at least the local versions we have of it so far. I've eaten "takoyaki" from Takuyashi at Greenhills (pretty good), Kuya Chito's Takuyaki at Robinson's Galleria (VERY GOOD, this is my favorite!), and from a newly-opened stall that I've forgotten the name of at Tiendesitas (BAD. don't waste your time with it!). I really would LOVE to try the real thing with actual octopus bits in it, though.

6. I want to visit Germany someday. It doesn't get as much tourist hype like other European countries, which is sad because I think it's a very beautiful country. (That's Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany to the left. Isn't it so fairytale-like?)

See details: Asian woman practicing martial arts

7. I used to take karate (all the way to purple belt), but I stopped because it was interfering with my studies. I miss it sometimes - it was a great way to keep in shape for me.

8. I have a thing for boys with glasses and spiky hair.  LOL such a nerd, I am.

angelina jolie

9. I think Ellen deGeneres and Angelina Jolie are amazing people.

See details: Pink nail polish

10. People who know me can tell whether I'm stressed-and-busy or not through my nails, because I paint them so often. (YELLOW NAILS, WHAT YELLOW NAILS? I don't care, they'll disappear with time anyway!) No nail polish = BOO ME! Otherwise, it's YAY ME! all the way. :D


  1. hehe,same here,i dont wear make up in highschool although i am already a fan..i LOVE TAKOYAKI as well the beef one with the cheesy sauce yummm...and kudos on the VIDEO GAMES..nalaro ko na ata lahat ng online games dun nasira ang college life ko dati hehe.and dun ko nakilala si Mr.R sa online games. i love alodia guashieficai guasheingacai gueshiengsif...whatever hehe a very famous cosplayer

  2. re: no.3

    i also went to a very conservative school (hschool).

    no proms! i never experienced that...

    re: shaving post

    good thing walang nakakita... shhh....

  3. Hi sis! Thanks for leaving me a comment. I really appreciate it. *hugs*

    Ooh, I'm a fan of Ellen de Generes. I just love her quick wit. Lagi ko pinapanood yung show nya basta naaabutan ko.

    I'm a nerd myself kaya natural lang na nagkakagusto ako noon sa mga nerdy type. But guess what, it was a bad boy who swept me off my feet. Haha! Hubby has this bad boy image but I so find it cute.

    Hmm, gusto ko rin makatikim ng authentic na takoyaki. Marami ng takoyaki stalls dito sa Baguio kaya lang di ako nasasarapan. Parang repolyo lang at flour ang nalalasahan ko. ;P

    Have a blessed Sunday sis.


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