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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Blogger Award from Ayumi + a tiny Status Update

Thanks for giving me this Ayumi! ♥ ♥ ♥

About Ayumi:
I just recently followed Ayumi. Her blog reminds me of all the cutesy blogs I follow on tumblr, with the adorable background and the even more adorable GIFs. I hope to see more of her makeup hauls and reviews, and maybe an everyday eye tutorial since I think she does her eyes well! *hint hint* ♥

About Me:
I'm a law student who likes playing with makeup and video games when I'm not pretending to be an adult. I'm often mistaken for the youngest child even though I'm actually the eldest. Really, I'm a little kid. Pat my head or give me a hug or talk to me about things we both like and I'll love you. Kitty has claws though - I'm often told I can be pretty scary when I mean business, and I don't deny that. >:D

If you're really bored and have nothing better to do LOL you feel like it, please check out the About the Blogger tab above to learn more about me.

As I mentioned in the last paragraph on my About the Blog  page, I will not be tagging people. But if you run a blog, and if you read Stockpiled!, you are very welcome to claim this award!

And the Status Update:
I'm currently working on my review for TFS's Extreme Rouge glosses. The pictures are done; it's just the writing that needs to be finished now. It'll be up soonish!


  1. Hello! I've stumbled upon your blog and I think it's great to be friends with you.
    Do you mind if we follow each others' blogs? (*^▽^*)

  2. I wish you'd write a post about your skincare routine someday. Your skin looks smooth and flawless!

  3. Lina - Thanks! ♥
    Kristen - Hey Kristen! Sure, I'll follow your blog! :D
    Anonymous - Haha, I actually don't have a skincare routine. I guess the closest thing I have to one is washing my face with Cetaphil every morning/night/as needed, then properly removing all my makeup every night with the family derma's toner. I do love eating papayas, if that helps.

  4. Done following your blog through blogger and bloglovin' .^^

    Thanks so much! I like your blog, it's about makeups. Hoho~ ^^

    And yea, I think I rly am pretty young for my state being a sophomore student at univerity. :3

  5. @Dee : *u* thank you! thank you! thank you! ^__^ About the eye tuto... will think about it.. hehe.. It's just a simple one.. but I'll do it if I have time :)

    I'm often mistaken to be the youngest too~ haha.. I think I know how it feels..

  6. congrats dee! :)
    as for law students, i think most are childlike haha! people will be surprised to know. LOL! =D

  7. Sugar - LOOOL Are you speaking from experience? Haha thanks for telling me that, it really reassures me. ♥ I think it's good to keep your inner kid alive - it keeps the wrinkles away! :))


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