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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MAC See Sheer

This was my aunt's graduation gift, technically. She gave me a bunch of Rustan's gift certificates. I was completely tempted to spend everything on makeup, but I restrained myself and only got this lovely everyday lipstick.

Price: P1000.00 (but I got it "free" because I used a GC XD)
Location Bought: Rustan's Shangri-la
Approximate Date Bought: mid April 2011

Packaging: I really don't know if MAC is a mid or high-range brand, because some people say it's mid-priced, while others say it's high-end. Well, whatever. As far as I'm concerned, packaging is definitely top of the line. Easy to hold, high quality dirt-resistant material, timeless design - what more could I ask for?

Color and Pigmentation: See Sheer wouldn't behave for my camera. It looks rather red in my photos, but it's really a nice coral shade that suits my skintone well. Like I said previously, it's a pretty lipstick great for daily wear.

See Sheer is part of MAC's Lustre line of lipsticks, which prides itself on its sheer color with an impressive sheen. Skin-swatching the lipstick was friendlier to my lens, as you can see below:
Told you it wasn't red. This is coral all the way - a beautiful,
sheer, pleasantly shiny coral at that.
Formulation: See Sheer smells lightly of vanilla. It is neither sticky nor drying, and does not feel like anything whatsoever on my lips. I totally love that it stays put for at least 6 hours on me, and that I can go "bareback" with it. Sometimes lip balm can get so tedious!

In Action: See Sheer is my no-brainer color. I use it when I can't figure out what to wear, which is actually quite often. Thank you for giving me the means to purchase this, tita! (Even though you probably don't know about this blog LOL)

For more color-accurate pictures of the lipstick, check out Temptalia's post.


  1. Haha! :) Your tita will be happy Dee because it looks really pretty on your lips. :3

  2. waaw, this MAC lippy is just everywhere on beauty blogsphere! ahaha..thanks for the review, I'm going to buy it too

  3. I like that color..~ Look natural red :) It suits you by the way :)

  4. wow, I'm so jealous! I wonder when I'm ever going to have one of those MAC lippies... huhuhu

  5. It actually looked much better swatched and on your lips than on the tube. =)

    Btw, just letting you know I tagged you in this post. =) Hope you have as much fun with it as I did!

  6. wow lucky you! :D that shade looks good on you! :D

  7. oh wow! I love how it still maintained its color whilst the sheery goodness <3, I am in love with this shade, but MAC lippies are always out of budget for me ;A;


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