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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tagged by blackshirt13!

Blackshirt13 tagged me to post 10 things about myself. Thanks Nathalie! ♥

Go check out her blog too, she's a great photographer!

1. I am quite scared of nuns.
I think it was cause the nuns were so traditional in my old HS.
2. My favorite color is orange.

3. I keep getting paired up with Paos. Prom date, college blockmate in first year... I wonder if there'll be a Pao in law school too.
Not THIS kind of pao!
4. My siblings, my cousins, and I still play the Pokemon games. Except for the youngest in high school, we're all around college - grad studies age now, but we still hold mini tournaments with each other from time to time. We haven't outgrown it as a form of bonding, and it doesn't seem like we ever will.
This adorable image is from this photographer.
5. I did my thesis on the impact of Philippine mythology in media. How geeky and almost-not-masscomm, right? XD
That's not really my thesis. :P
6. My dog's name is Vito, like the Godfather.
This stock photo looks A LOT like him.
7. I do not know how to ride a bike. Can someone teach me? LOL

8. BonChon Chicken disappointed me. I am disappointed that I am disappointed. It seemed like such a great chicken place! Maybe I just got a bad batch?
Not really from BonChon. Love the color contrast tho!
9. I once jokingly dirty danced with a gay blockmate in front of our professor during a semender party. OOPS. I think I had a little too much to drink. Sir was very chill about it tho, thank god.
Not really me, and DEFINITELY NOT my gay blockmate.
10. I keep an emergency chocolate bar in the fridge for when I have cramps (you know, those cramps). Works better than painkillers for me!

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  1. Your thesis reminded me of my mini-thesis when I was in high school...hahaha!

    Mine's about cannibalism and it's existence today...my prof. asked me why I like weird topics because I also did a term paper about Candles (ordinary topic with a surprising history) before my mini-thesis Cannibalism, but I could tell she enjoyed reading my work..woohoo!

    can you feel the geekiness in me too? hahahaha!

  2. Haha yes, I can totally feel the geekiness! 8D

    Cannibalism! I would've never thought of doing a HS thesis on that! Pabasa naman! XD

  3. I don't know how to ride a bike either! And I am 26! :P

  4. I am kinda scared of nuns, too ;A;

  5. lol at being scared on nuns. but I like the though of keeping emergency chocolates. coz most of the time when I buy sweets and chocolates they don't last long. they gone in a minutes...LOL

  6. ermmm... you know for some weird reason i keep dating "pauls" too LOL! and my nickname is sugarpaopao so my dad calls me pao and i super love siopao! ROTFL! =))

  7. Pammy - We were meant for more wheels daw haha!
    Saving Capulet - They always seemed to be just around the corner at my old school. O_O
    Hollie - Haha, I have to put a post it marked "Dee's emergency chocolate" on mine because my family inhales chocolate. They don't last long at my house either!
    Sugar - Mga Paolo yung akin, to be exact. XD I also love siopao!

  8. Idk how to ride a bike too! You're not alone :D Haha


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