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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Infamous Saizen (Daiso) Charcoal Mask

ETA 6:38PM: Corrected NaraSHIKAwa translations to say NaraKASHIwa.

Yes, this is the much-raved about charcoal mask at Japanese discount store Saizen.

Can you say bandwagon? XD

I think the protective foil they used to cover the opening is a very good hygienic packaging technique.

Many other blogs have already provided good reviews of this, so I won't go into full detail anymore. What I do have to bring to the table are translations:

(Click image to enlarge and read the text better!)

Surprise surprise! The Saizen Charcoal Mask's true brand name is Narakashiwa!

Unfortunately, the mask did not work as completely for me as some other GTalkers. It successfully removed the hard-to-extract blackheads/whiteheads at the sides of my nose, but did little else for the rest of it.


  1. thanks for the translation! i wanna try this mask.. but walang saizen dito eh..

  2. the top part says that it cleans by the power of charcoal and the words at the bottom mean uses charcoal to remove dirt/blemishes for velvety skin... i think


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