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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stila CC vs Skin Food FFLC

Last Monday, I reviewed Skin Food's Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek (Tint). Last Thursday, I posted my review on Stila's Convertible Color. Let's see how well the two stack up against each other.

FFLC tins have 6 grams of product,

while CCs only contain 4.25g.

The 1.75g that CCs lack is made up for by the inclusion of a mirror.

FFLC's packaging is ultra portable, but doesn't have much aesthetic appeal. It looks like a plain old boring lip balm container.

It doesn't help that the labeling material they used is non-waterproof paper either. What if I use this in the bathroom and it gets wet when I wash my hands? Blotchy sticker paper is not pretty.

In contrast, CCs come in beautifully etched compacts that are color-coordinated with their respective shades.

They also come in their own boxes made of recycled paper. FFLCs only come covered in cheap plastic.

And now, the rundown!

Stila Convertible Color
Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek
· Local price (P845) is way cheaper than US price ($25=P1156.25), so you end up saving P311.25!
· has a mirror
· Fragrance-free
· Amazing packaging
· Lesser value for its local price (P845.00 = 4.25g; meaning P198.82 per 1g)
· Quite hard to blend on the cheeks
· Extremely portable, can comfortably fit in your jeans pocket.
· Long lasting for cream-based products (both last half a day for me)
· Excellent color selection
· Can easily be found locally (FFLC at SF stores, CC at Stila counters in Rustan’s)

· Actually has greater value for its local price (P745.00 = 6g; meaning P124.17 per 1g)
· Has a pleasant scent accurate to whatever flavor you purchased (mine smells exactly like grapefruits!)
· Slightly less drying than CC when used on the lips
· Sells for only 6000 Korean Won (P240.87!), so local markup is a BIG RIP-OFF
· Cheaper to buy from online resellers, which is quite a hassle considering our crappy post office rates
· Boring packaging

My verdict?

Stila Convertible Color wins, most notably for its more reasonable local pricing and for its inclusion of a mirror!

In terms of quality, however, both products are seriously equally good and have really lovely colors. Perhaps if FFLCs were not so overpriced and if shipping wasn't such a bitch here, my review would probably have turned out more like this one.


  1. Hi there~

    Thanks for the link back!

    I should think about using tables in writing reviews, caus eI like the set up you have for the pros&cons :)

    Anyway I don't know much of the conversion, but there is no SF in Canada...though there are people who get it shipped and sell them (independently) and they have a markup of a little over double for us too.

    In the end, to get the best price, u need to go to the country of origin >_< lol

    anyway poppy looks sooo pretty! if I find a decent sale, I will look into that one :)

  2. FFLC has the packaging of a mints brand(I forgot which) but that mints' packaging has a mirror even though it's "food" and not makeup :P

    Skinfood is just waaaay too overpriced here in the Philippines, and some outlets have REALLY snooty sales attendants(like what I've just encountered) >_<


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