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Monday, November 30, 2009

Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek in Grapefruit

This product's name sounds like something is missing. "Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek" what? Tint? Balm? Slime?

Actually, this is a creme-based lip and cheek treatment that smells and looks very much like its indicated flavor, grapefruit (a relative of our local pomelo).

It's extremely small, as you will see below. It's also not advisable to buy it at local Skin Food stores, because they have it exorbitantly priced at around P745.00.

Luckily, it performs very well despite its prohibitive size. I like the refreshed flush it gives my cheeks,

as well as how it looks on my lips.

Put together, FF L&C brightens up my look with very little effort. Perfect for lazy days!


  1. The packaging and the color are really cute! But there is definitely something missing in the product name hehe.

  2. this one is really nice..it caught my eye when i went to sf but with their sky rocketing price.. i will never buy sf prods locally. nice review..

  3. its nice <3 <3 but very overpriced here :(

  4. Does this one taste just like it's "flavor"? Or it only smells like it's flavor but it's tasteless?

  5. Hi! How long does it last? Does it last at least 6 hours??


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