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Friday, November 20, 2009

Careline Glamour Eyes in Cotton Candy and Forest Green

ETA 6PM: Oops, forgot to put in links! Fixed now!

Eek, I've run out of scheduled posts! I'm actually writing this in REAL TIME. Must make more entries in advance! O_O

When people talk about good local makeup on GT, I often end up buying some of it for myself. It makes me happy when Philippine products perform well. (Also, I like to believe it's my way of supporting the local makeup industry heehee!)

Careline's stick eyeshadows - super steals at just P70 - were mentioned on the local makeup thread not too long ago, hence this review.

Platinum was the most recommended color, but I got Forest Green and Cotton Candy instead because they seemed more fun to play with.

Two other blogs have reviewed this product previously, and both agree that they make excellent eyeshadow bases.

I have yet to try them as bases, but I do like how iridescent they look when swatched. Speaking of which, what else is iridescent? Fairy wings!
I don't know why, but I've been thinking about fairies and fairy-themed makeup lately. :P

Forest Green is a nice Tinkerbell green (See! What did I tell you? FAIRIES!) which has just the right amount of shimmer in it.

Cotton Candy is a barely-there pale pink which brightens up the eyes effectively.

I wore Cotton Candy over a thin layer of BB cream at school today, and it lasted until I got home at 5PM earlier! This review has more evidence to back up Glamour Eyes' lasting power - the poster even ran the product under water!

The product doesn't last as long to some GTalkers, so I really think priming before application makes all the difference.

I agree with this review that the product strongly smells like scented Panda ballpens. People sensitive to scented products should probably stay away from these, I suppose.

Also, both reviews mentioned the VERY LOOSE caps on these things. I join their ranks as the third person to say that they are indeed easily removable, and I strongly suggest securing them with elastic bands (or something similar) before taking them along somewhere.

Packaging issue aside, I'm quite pleased with Glamour Eyes and will most probably buy more colors.


  1. does it tug the eyelid when applied? cause i have the covergirl gel eyeslicks and they go on smooth on my hand when i swatch it, but it tugs on my lids when i apply it there. i want to know if careline glamour eyes are smooth when applied to the lid? is it creamy? :)

    thank you! is cotton candy the only pink shade in the collection?

  2. Staci - For me, they don't tug. I wouldn't call them creamy, but I think they do have the same consistency as Nivea or Chapstick lip balms. I suppose you could liken them to something like lip balm for the eyes.

    They do have another deeper rosy pink, but I don't know what it's called.

  3. Bad trip talaga. Matagal ko ng gustong bumili nito. Di ko pa rin nabibili GNO. Gusto ko yung green!

  4. the pink one looks good on you! flatters brown eyes. i think i'll get one for myself. I love your blog-- it gives me a list of things to hunt down when i get back. :D

  5. bakit di ko to nakikita sa malls? -.-


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