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Monday, November 16, 2009

4u2 Styx eyeliner no. 5 (blue)

Why does the lighting at my nearby Watson's always end up fooling me? This looked like a much brighter blue at the store. :|

I decided to pick up a few funky-colored eyeliners for nights out (and days when I feel eccentric haha), which is how I came across 4u2's unique eyeliner color selection. This is the first out of the two I bought.

Styx liners are retractable - an advantage for me because I don't like sharpening very much.

The liner goes on creamily, although I feel I did a pretty messy job below:

Not bad for P250.00. Coincidentally, The Face Shop's retractable eyeliners sell for around the same price too.

Coming up on Wednesday, my thoughts on liner no. 6! Can you guess what color that is? :D

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