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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stila Convertible Color in Poppy

I bought this right after enrollment last November to reward myself for smoothly running through this semester's bureaucratic red tape.  (Enrollment at my university is a rather tricky process with lots of falling in line involved. X_X)

I was very surprised when I saw this product in person. For a creme-based lip and cheek treatment, it was much larger than I thought!

SIZE REFERENCE: The hair clip is roughly 5 cm.

As do most CC owners, I think the mirror is a very welcome addition.

The color appears way too red to be used on the cheeks,

but blending well easily fixes that.

Here's how it looks on my cheek:

And on my lips:

Although I'm pretty far from being doll-like, the overall effect reminds me very much of antique dolls - the kind with painted lips and lightly flushed cheeks.

Stila CCs cost PHP845.00 (USD18.27), which is a pretty good price considering their website sells them for USD25.00 (PHP1156.25).


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