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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Body Shop eyeshadow in Golden Khaki

I was originally looking for a mid-priced taupe eyeshadow, but this was the closest thing I got. (LOL, not that I'm complaining.)

This is my first time trying The Body Shop's eyeshadows, and from the packaging to the pigmentation, they certainly don't disappoint.

Golden Khaki is a lightly frosted khaki color reminiscent of boys' school pants. (Apologies for the strange analogy, the color really does remind me of schoolboy pants! :P)

NOTE: Fluorescent lighting is the reason why my hand color looks different from the next two pictures.

The color is perfect as a base color to go along with other eyeshadow shades.

I also like wearing it alone for a polished, natural look.


  1. thats a nice eye color :)
    how much is it sis?
    may eye palettes ba ang tbs?

  2. It's around P500 originally, but Body Shop had it on sale for 50% off so I got it for around P250. Yeah, I think they do have palettes, but not here in the Philippines. :D

  3. Ate, hanggang kelan sale? anong mga makeups pa ang sale dun?

  4. ^Hello. Actually I bought this last month so I don't know if there's still a sale going on right now. When I bought this, assorted lotions, body scrubs and makeup from their Hot Brights collection were on sale.

  5. have you tried their lippies? i'm digging their moisturizing lipsticks for some reason. they were a bit pricey last time i checked, sana the lippies will be on sale, too!


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