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Friday, May 28, 2010

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint #3 Peach

I was lucky enough to be able to shoot this product in bright, clear daylight. Natural light is the best kind of photo-taking light ever! <3

Price: P328.00
Location Bought: Etude House SM Megamall
Approximate Date Bought: February 2010

Packaging: same as the Red Fresh Cherry tint. Like some bloggers have mentioned, it looks a lot like nail polish. I have quite a number of nail polish bottles out on my dresser, and this often gets lost among them! :))
Color: It's a peach, but it actually appears more pink when concentrated. Look at how the rest of the applicator (which is saturated in the product) differs from the tip.

Pigmentation: It appears peach initially, but leaves a pink tinge when wiped off.

Actual Usage: The peach FCT gives my lips a healthy boost of slightly glossy color that is more pink than peach. It actually makes my lips look the way they do after they've been freshly exfoliated with a gentle toothbrush.
(Left: lips without product; Right: lips with product)


  1. I so envy you that you can buy etude house products.. >__<

    the products on ebay are always soo pricey <___<;

    i hate this.. -__-

    btw: the color of the tint is nice, i want that! T_T

  2. ^Come visit the Philippines to shop at our Etude House branches? We could always use some tourists :))

  3. - Is it like benefit's bene/posietint?


  4. ^I personally haven't used benefit posietint, but a lot of other bloggers say Etude's FTC works just like it.

  5. lol i would love to, but no money XD'

  6. I saw this when I was in SM Mla last Monday but I still have to finish my Posietint. :3 I was looking for their eyeshadow primer but ended up buying other products since they didn't have any in stock. ^-^

    Thanks for following btw.

  7. sana we have etude house hr =(
    this is pretty!

  8. sis I tagged you. sorry dito ako nagcomment hehe. http://trizshaa.blogspot.com/2010/05/tag-my-top-five-favorite-eyeshadow.html

  9. wow pretty I would love to try this! ^^, I enjoy reading your blog! ^^, Simple yet very informative. ^^, I am a makeup newbie myself and reading your blog helped me a lot! Thanks so much for the reviews and for following my blog as well! ^^,

  10. Your lips are so cute huhu! Jealous! Oooh i might buy this product, great color!


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