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Monday, May 31, 2010

My Top 5 Eyeshadows

I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING planned this week aside from enrolment this Wednesday, so I'm stuck wandering aimlessly around the house and the neighborhood until school starts next Tuesday. Perfect timing for tagging me, Trizh! Thank you for saving me from the BOREDOM! :))

1. Elf Golden Glow
    I like this because it gives my eyes a nice   golden glow! (How creative. :P)

2. The Body Shop Golden Khaki
    This looks a bit greenish in the picture, but it actually blends very well with my skintone and gives me a polished look good for smart casual occasions. (Eek! Job interviews! >_<)

3. Etude House matte brown
   This one makes my eyes look more wide open and draws attention AWAY from eyebags. Perfect for post-cramming days nyahaha!

4. The Face Shop Lovely:Me Ex Eyes OR204
    This gives a polished effect like Golden Khaki, but is better for more informal settings.

5. Elianto matte purple
    For giving my eyes a nice, funky POP without being too over-the-top!

Doing this made me realize that I haven't posted reviews for shadows 3 and 5 yet. Yay, now I have something to work on for the week!

I tag everyone!


  1. wow.. i love your top 5.. ang ganda niya sa isang palette pagsamahin.. :D

  2. ^Oo nga noh! I didn't realize my top 5 were so color-coordinated. Haha!

  3. I wanna try Elianto's purple shadow! =)

  4. hi sis! saw your reply. you were asking me about something..sorry, i really can't figure out what post you replied on. heehee :) hit me back in cbox so i could give you details. :)

  5. Nice choices! Would love to see photos of you wearing these colors. ^_^


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