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Monday, November 15, 2010

Shawill Make-up Blusher 003

This was the other thing I bought with the gloss a few posts back. I took these photos last week, when my face was finally clear enough to use blush. Pimples are back on my face again this week though, which is really annoying! (And here I thought high school would be more than enough time for them to plague me. Apparently not, because they're back with a vengeance! X_X)

Price: P89.00
Location Bought: Watson's SM Hypermart
Approximate Date Bought: September 2010

Packaging: If memory serves, Shawill has two blush lines, one which comes in silver and black packaging made to look like a cut gemstone (like this blush I'm reviewing now), and another one which comes in circular pink and white packaging.

The difference between the two lines is that the silver and black line has space for a tiny blush brush, while the pink and white line does not.

The brush is completely crap though. But nice effort for a cheap brand.

Color and Pigmentation: 003 is a light, buildable pink that I don't think anyone can overdo. Pigmentation is not too strong or too weak, which makes it a nice product to layer on. It's not evident in the pan, but it has some slight shimmers when applied. Or perhaps luster would be a better term?

Formulation: 003 is scentless and applies decently. The blush powder is not velvet smooth, but it is still easily blendable. This only lasts about 3 hours though. In terms of staying power, I think Careline is still the best among locally available budget blushes.

Actual Usage: The color gives me a very gentle, flushed glow. I like how it lifts my cheekbones and adds a small amount of sharpness to my round siopao face.
I don't know if you've noticed, but I always
seem to be wearing this pink spaghetti strap
top whenever I swatch makeup for this blog.
I hope these pimples go away soon so I can swatch more blush products. (I kind of look like Pikachu right now. :S) Currently I have two "suspects" for this pimple trouble: Etude House's sunblock, or my recent transfer to my sister's bathroom, which is considerably more humid than my old one.


  1. the packaging is so cuuute! And it's cheap pa! Nice review sis!

  2. you bought this at watson's Sm hypermart right? which Sm? :]

    kinda interested cos of the packaging. hehe

  3. I agree the brush is really crap. WALIS TINGTING! X(

  4. first time to hear this brand... where is it made :3
    i just subscribed to your blog but i've been a lurker since a long time. haha you made me buy hydrosplash bb bcoz of your review ^_^

  5. Pretty blush! I think I need to try Shawill na. New follower btw. :))


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