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Sunday, July 17, 2011

What I've Been Up to the Past Month

I've been swimming in laws and cases! This picture accurately sums up all I've been doing lately. After a month of law school, I can definitely say that it's a LOT of hard work, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. (Is it because I'm a masochist nerd?)
I don't know if you've noticed, but this particular bedspread
always happens to be the one "worn" by my bed whenever I
take pictures on it for this blog.

Cutesy school supplies to keep myself from getting bored while studying! I'm thinking of making more school supplies and stationery posts on this blog, since I've amassed quite a lot of interesting things at the moment.
These were all bought at FUNctional SM Mega. The highlighters
are pleasantly scented, and they do a good job of keeping me awake! (No, I don't sniff them HAHA)
I love the pen because it says "Everything's gonna be alright!" and it
has rainbows. ♥ ♥ ♥  
Soon I'll have shelves full of these books!
See the leftmost book? It's a copy of the Civil Code in Filipino.
I won it during Freshman Orientation Day. Yes, a book of
laws, in matalinhagang Filipino. Can you say nosebleed? :))
Realization: I've been studying for 19 years now. I wonder why I haven't gotten tired of it yet!
Maybe it's because, apart from using disgustingly cute school supplies, I study with music from my equally disgustingly cute ancient ipod?

Cheesiness: This Hello Kitty case was given to me by a very very very dear friend, so I'm never taking it off, even if it raises people's eyebrows at school. >:D
I miss you P! Sorry I was such a blubbering handful during
thesis year, and even a little while after that. :*
In more relevant beauty news, these babies finally came in the mail! Thank you very much, Maggie from KKCenterHK! Review coming later today!


  1. good luck on your studies! =)

  2. Wow! I fell in love with your iPod case. :) Lovely!

  3. Missing your entries! But yes law school can be very busy, especially UP :)

  4. I can't imagine how the Civil Code will be like in Tagalog. Nosebleed nga. :P Good luck on your studies! :)

    Hey, I'm on my mid-20's but I still love and buy cutesy school supplies. I guess we're never too old to like such things. :D

  5. Swexie - Thanks! Can't wait to become a lawyer like you one day too! :D

    Jes - Haha pareho tayong in love sa kanya. XD I'm really a Little Twin Stars fan but I'll make an exception for this Hello Kitty case.

    Kari - I miss blogging too, so I've resolved to make at least one post per week, no matter how many things I have to do. Pangit rin naman kung work work work nalang hahaha

    Pammy - Hahaha here's a (terrifying) sample: "Art. 3 Ang kawalang-muwang sa batas ay hindi katwiran ng sino man sa di-pagtupad sa mga ito." >> in English, it's just "ignorance of the law excuses no one"

    And yes, cutesy school supplies FTW! Regardless of age, it's always good to have happy things surrounding you, so you don't get bored with work!

  6. errrr no to the civil code in tagalog LOL! x) i think law students try to amuse themselves with cute and colorful stuff because if we don't we'd prolly end up sleeping ROTFL!!! =))

    goodluck with school dear! i know you will do well. ;)

  7. I for one, love love cute things and am looking forward to seeing your stationery and cuteness!


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