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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Shots III

Welcome to the third Sunday Shots, aka my weekly attempt at keeping the blog constantly updated! Sunday Shots posts will be picture posts about the things I've been doing with makeup, law school, and assorted cutesy shit.
Random lip shot I took during the week. I can't remember what
product/s I used, although I'm pretty sure there was a gloss. :P

Birthday present for a friend, complete with happy birthday
note. I got her Majomajo's Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara.
Since our afternoon class got cancelled last Thursday, the block
went out for lasertag. It was super fun. ♥
NEVER buy glass nail files from True Value! REAL glass nail files
aren't supposed to become dull like regular nail files,
but after owning this for only two months, look at how worn down
some parts already are. I only file my nails once a week, mind you.
If I had known their glass files would wear out just like regular
files, I never would've wasted my P200.
Cutesy annotating tools to keep myself entertained while studying.
I find that surrounding myself with happy things helps me retain
(oftentimes serious) information better. It also deters most parasite people from
borrowing my stuff because they can't stomach the girliness. XD
Bobbie The Big Bang was still my NOTW for the last six days.
I repaired the tip wear with a bit of black, applied a fresh layer of
top coat, and it was good as new again!
I'm scheduling a makeup review post sometime this coming week. Watch out for it! :D


  1. I've always wanted to try a glass nail file. Guess it's off to Beauty Bar for that!

    You don't apply nail polish all the way to the cuticle no? I should try that. Haha :)

  2. cute sticky notes. =)) I love Little Twin Stars.

  3. The LTS post its are so cute! And so sweet of you to give that mascara to your friend. :)

  4. I am a sticky note addict~ I love your little twin stars! Where dju got it?=)

  5. i love your lip picture dee! i always tell you how gorgeous your lips are and will never get tired of telling you everytime you post lip photos haha! :D

    where did you buy the LTS post its? I WANTTT!!! >.<" haha! xD

  6. Kari - Beauty Bar has glass files? I didn't know that! I'll check them out sometime.
    GennD and Sugar - I got the post its at Gift Gate Greenhills. :D

  7. I recall seeing at least one there, I THINK. I haven't been to Beauty Bar myself in quite awhile. XD


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