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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes: BR381 Caramelisee

If you've been following my blog since I started around 2 years ago, chances are you've seen my HORRIBLE eye posts. I like to think I've improved since then, and that quality beginner-friendly products like Majolica Majorca's Caramelisee quad are helping me improve even further.

Price: P795.00
Location Bought: Watsons SM Megamall
Date Bought: May 5, 2011

Packaging: The print on the clear lid makes it look as if Caramelisee were iced with whipped cream. ♥ The scalloped edges look like a string of pearls bordering the entire quad. Overall, the effect is rather cake-like. (I'm not sure if a cake studded with pearls and jewels will taste very good, but whatever. :P)

Functionally speaking, the plastic used is very sturdy, and the scalloped edges serve as sufficient grip stabilizers. The applicator is made of a very dense sponge and works almost as well as a brush. Finally, the clasp holding the quad closed is secure yet easy to open.

Color: Caramelisee is a bronzy-gold quad great for daytime. The colors of this quad can be used however you wish, but since I'm still not very good at eye makeup, I stuck with the instructions that came with the package. :D
Clockwise from left: a yellow gold highlighter shade, a light brownish gold lid shade (1),
a reddish bronze lid shade (2), and a deep bronze liner shade.
Pigmentation and Formulation: On my skin without primer, the scentless shadows reach pan intensity in 2 layers (3 for the yellowish gold color). All of them are creamy and blendable, almost like butter. (Or cake icing, since that's what the packaging seems to go for!) While I was expecting lots of fallout because Caramelisee is a shimmery quad, there wasn't very much of it.
From left: liner shade, lid shade 2, lid shade 1, highlighter shade.
See how the shimmers in the formula refract the light?
From left: liner shade, lid shade 2, lid shade 1, highlighter shade.
This is what the colors look like in indirect light.
In Action: Caramelisee gives my lids a very subtle and very pretty glow, just the way I like my eye makeup. The shimmery formula makes my eyes appear rounder and more awake, in my opinion.
Shot in daylight, without primer. The headband I'm wearing in these pictures
is misplaced at the moment. I hope it turns up soon, it was very comfortable. :(
The "jeweling" effect becomes more pronounced under artificial lighting, as you will see below.
The shimmers in Caramelisee are very fine, so the end result
is an elegant luster, not a cheap sparkle.
When I have enough time, this is the quad I wear to school. I don't bother with primer, as it can last 4-5 hours.
Fallout in the outer corner! Must work on that!
I'm positive Caramelisee will look even prettier with some liner and mascara, but for now, I'll take one baby step at a time with my eye experiments.

Caramelisee was part of Majomajo's limited Sugary Trap collection, so I'm not sure if they still sell it at the malls. But if you're an eyeshadow beginner just like me, definitely try their other Jeweling Eyes quads if you're looking for something that gives great results and is easy to work with.


  1. waah the swatch looks so shimmery. thanks for the review...now I waaant it. I'm going to check the product at the counter.hehe..

    btw, don;t forget to join MY GIVEAWAY ok~ and win BB creams from luview =D

  2. You look great! The color suits you and brightens your eyes, making you look more awake. :)

  3. hello dee! :) did you follow the tut on that comes with the box? you are not horrible with eyeshadows haha! different eye shapes usually require different applications IMO. =D

  4. very pretty. i love the cutesy packaging.

  5. Lina - definitely check it out! I'd love to see a review from you about this product. <3

    Aya- Ah, but does it taste like cake? :))

    Pammy - Aww, thank you! <3

    Jackie - Haha, I <3 the cutesy packaging too. Simpler and yet more elegant than Etude's. :D

    Sugar - OMG I'm flattered you think I'm not horrible with shadows! Idol ko kaya mga EOTD mo! Yes, I used the instructions that came with the box~

    THE BEAUTY JUNKEE - Haha yes, baby face! It's probably why I keep getting mistaken for the bunso! :))

  6. Love the 'caramelised' look! So wearable & cute ^_^ Love the packaging of the eyeshadow too :3

  7. Haha the look really does look like caramel, no? :)) Glad to know there's little fallout despite the shimmer!

  8. Oh~ I love this palette for its soft shades~ I understand why you recommended it to me~ Thank you~!

  9. from the packaging itself is cute and functional! :D they look so cute and shimmery! I want to try it! :3


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