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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Shots IV

Welcome to the fourth Sunday Shots, aka my weekly attempt at keeping the blog constantly updated! Sunday Shots posts will be picture posts about the things I've been doing with makeup, law school, and assorted cutesy shit.
My Palladio rice concealer. I've been using this for my undereyes
a lot more lately. It doesn't conceal as well as I'd like, so I need to
find a better product. Any suggestions?

I saw Zombadings at UP Cine Adarna last Wednesday. It was super funny.
Watch it when it officially releases on August 31!
The back of my planner, like I mentioned in yesterday's post.
Now all I have to do is fill up this part! (Haha yes, that's
a Medical City visitor sticker.)
The products I used for yesterday's lip shot. I actually forgot to
put the lip photo in yesterday, but it's there now.
Current favorite snack: raspberry tea with milk and honey + golden oreos
I finally gave in and bought this LTS refillable pen.
Contrary to what some may think, I do own normal school supplies.
Not ALL of my stuff is cutesy, that would be rather scary. :))


  1. My current concealer is not a concealer.

    It's James Cooper cream compact foundation. So far I'm loving it.

  2. try tony moly's concealer dee. :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, Rae and Sugar! ♥

  4. I hear NYX concealers are good. I'm currently using the Maybelline mouse concealer which I absolutely love. too bad it's discontinued.

  5. Hi Dee! Zombading sounds so intriguing. Is this a dance or a play?

    And, ooh, raspberry tea...sounds yummy.

    I've read great posts about the James Cooper Jazzy Cream foundation. Let us know when you try it.

  6. Hollie - Thanks for the suggestion Hollie! Will add that to my list! :D

    La Vita Est Bella - Zombadings is an indie movie. It's actually going to be showing at mall cinemas starting August 31. Check it out when you can! <3

    Thanks for suggesting James Cooper's foundation too! :D


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