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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

herbench/ paint box colour palette in Show Girl

[Geeky side note: My new blog subtitle is TOTALLY NOT a Star Trek rip-off. NOT. 8D]

Today we have another one of bench's makeup palettes, one of which I already reviewed previously.

Show Girl consists of a bronzy-gold eyeshadow, a medium pink blush, and two bright glosses in fuchsia and red.

So, swatches!

Eyeshadow (without primer):


Lip glosses (fuchsia on top, red on bottom, a layer of lip balm underneath):

And the whole look:

The end results are pretty subtle for a palette with such a flashy name, don't you think? But overall, I like Show Girl's colors better than Dainty Lass's.

My notes on the products:
  • Eyeshadow: goes on smoothly, will most probably look more vibrant with primer underneath, and I really love the shade
  • Lip glosses: somewhat drying (like the ones in Dainty Lass), look scary in the pan but are very very wearable
  • Blush: decently pigmented, gives a nice flush of color
The blushes that come in the Show Girl and Dainty Lass palettes look quite similar but they're actually not. The Dainty Lass blush is much lighter and contains shimmers:

The Show Girl blush, in contrast, is warmer and has no shimmers:

Skin swatches (DL = left, SG = right):

They have one more palette, Earth Angel, but I think I'll pass on that. Too much brown, even for a neutrals girl like me!


  1. The blush looks nice! I love the way the glosses look on you.

  2. i really love your lips angie! how i wish ganyan din lips ko LOL :p

  3. how much did you pay for it?


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