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Monday, October 26, 2009

Nichido Clear Mascara

I think it all started way back during my prom, when I borrowed my mother's mascara, Estee Lauder's Magnascopic (a product which she has been using to this day).

It did make me look more awake, but I hated the goopy, clumpy feeling it gave my eyes. Needless to say, I refrained from using mascara from that point on.

Then I found out that clear mascara existed, and I figured it'd perk up my lashes without the added weight that colored mascaras seem to give.

I originally wanted ELF's clear mascara (since many of their products work well on me), but it was unavailable at the malls I went to. So, I got Nichido's version for P80.00 instead. Honestly, the product's consistency reminds me of hair gel. I suppose that's what clear mascara essentially is, though.

But it does manage to lift my lashes pretty well. And it feels weightless and non-goopy too.


  1. I only tried Avon's clear mascara when i was in high school.. I have that magnascopic mascara but havent tried it yet..

  2. i have the estee mascara just like that..although it dried within a month agad..huhu.hehe.

  3. pwede rin to pang groom bg eyebrows...

    hello angie :) happy halloween!!!

  4. i was using avon's clear mascara. i forgot the old name of the brand tho before it was renamed as simply pretty. it was in a clear tube with a pink mascara wand handle with a flower graphic design on the tube! hahaha. old skool. :)

  5. I think clear mascaras are perfect for teens or students like you who prefer subtle makeup look.

  6. And here I was thinking that I was the only one who hated mascara! I used Penshoppe's clear mascara for a while... Maybe I'll try Nichido's.


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