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Friday, April 25, 2014

Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream: Light Ochre

Once, I tweeted about how I was fed up with always looking like a big, round, white moon in flash photographs because of my BB Cream.

Price: PHP1550.00 (USD35.00)
Date Bought: February 22, 2014
Location Bought: Beauty Bar Shang

A classmate replied to my tweet, recommending Fairydrops. I had heard of their mascara before, but I didn't know that they also had BB Cream. Several Google searches later, I found myself intrigued: "No SPF", "good coverage", "long lasting." I went to Beauty Bar soon after and ignored my wallet's weeping.

Fair warning, long, photo heavy review.

Yes, the price is pretty much the only thing wrong with this product. All the claims are true. I dare say that all the glowing reviews are true too.
Here you can see the glossy cap and the matte body.

Even the dirt-prone packaging can be forgiven. I find the gems-and-pearls drawing around the glossy pull-off cap cute, but like the many other reviewers before me, I think the matte body is a poor design choice. It feels nice to hold, certainly, although compared to the fantastic easy-to-wipe plastics-and-metallics they've come up with for both their mascara variants, you're left wondering why they kept the BB Cream so plain (and smudge-attracting).
See the smudge a little to the right of center?
The detachable sponge-tip applicator is mediocre for me, so I chose to twist it off.

Don't worry about the product leaking all over the place, because the cap contains a protrusion that closes off the part where the product comes out.
I chose to remove the sponge from the product and use separate makeup sponges instead. (I am not a "finger applicator" when it comes to BB Cream. I feel like I get uneven coverage when I just use my fingers.) On one hand, the  included sponge is of a good density - perfect for spreading the product around evenly. On the other, having the sponge attached to the body at all times seems wasteful, because gravity will make the sponge constantly soak up precious product, which you definitely don't want because the BB Cream is pretty small for its price.

Size comparison with Mass Effect "bodyguards." Grunt and Garrus are only 3.75 inches tall. The product is only 4.80 inches tall.
Prices across different currencies: JPY2730.00 = PHP1200.00 = USD27.00
You do have to congratulate Store Specialists Inc. for only adding a PHP350.00 (USD7.00) markup, though. (Remember Skin Food and its nearly triplicate price increase?) The product retails in Japan for JPY2730.00, which is roughly PHP1200.00 (USD27.00). Not bad for a product that delivers. Quality over quantity indeed, Japan.

BB Cream "cake," anyone?

The product is slightly runnier than what I'm used to with Korean BB Creams. However, a runnier product does mean that it blends and absorbs more easily into the face. No dewy finish here, just a velvety matte. It also smells a little like chlorine, but once it's applied, the smell disappears.

As usual and as unfortunately, there are only two shades. Between Ochre and Light Ochre, my skintone is a match for the latter. Ochre was very close too, but then Light Ochre looked more seamless.

This is my bare face. I focused on a problem area on purpose so that you can see the full effects of the product.

This is my face with the BB Cream applied and topped off with face powder. Notice how my pores are smoothed out and how the pimple marks are blurred.
This is after 8 hours inside an air conditioned office. The pimple marks have become more visible, but my pores have not.

Coverage and lasting power are great. My pores are hidden, and any pimple marks are amply (though not completely) blurred. I usually don't bother with concealer anymore when I wear this; the coverage is decent for regular days. A light dusting of face powder, and I'm good to go for the whole day. No retouching necessary.

And yes, the main reason why I got this product holds true. No white cast against a flashbulb.

Note how my face is only discolored by the flashbulb's light bouncing against it, and not because the BB cream reacted to the bright light. If this were a regular BB cream, my face would've been ghostly white. This BB Cream is best used indoors because it has no sun protection. Since I'm usually just in class or at work, I have no problem with this.

(As a side note, this product has not caused me any breakouts. Any zits that I've acquired since using this BB cream are largely due to sleepless nights and/or that time of the month.)

I am now in my third month of use, and the product feels about the half its original weight since I got it.

Would I buy this again? Maybe, if it lasts me more than 6 months and if I have extra money at that time. This is why I marked my date of purchase on the cap. The product's price is really meant for regularly employed people, not struggling law student part-time interns. However, if one breaks down the price AND assuming it lasts for 6 months, the expense seems justified, even for someone without a real salary. With daily use, the total cost of PHP1550.00 (USD35.00) would mean PHP258.00's (USD6.00) worth of product used per month, and PHP9.00's (USD0.20!) worth per day. It's reasonable enough, in my opinion, considering PHP9.00 is roughly the same amount as a jeepney ride.

Check back in the future to see if Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream has passed my 6 month test! I'll definitely be posting about that.

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