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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nature Republic Natural Color Purple Blueberry Pack

This is a wash-off type pack, also known as a mask. You put it on using your fingers or a pack brush, leave it on for 20 minutes, and then wash it off.
Price: PHP250-PHP300 (USD6-7)
Date Bought: January 2014
Location Bought: Nature Republic SM North EDSA

Last January, I felt the urge to rewatch the only K-drama I've ever watched: Prosecutor Princess. While watching, the idea to make the experience "more sparklingly Korean" hit me. Thus, after classes, I went to the nearest mall to get a Korean skincare product. I came home with this.

I have been using the product religiously, twice a week, since I bought it.
Using this face mask became my "destressing ritual" throughout last semester. Twice a week, I would paint this on my face and watch Prosecutor Princess. I felt happier (and even a little bit sparklier like protagonist Ma Hye Ri) every time.

The product has the slightest tinge of purple from the blueberries it is made from.
The mask is lightly scented of blueberries and comes in a generous amount, especially considering its very pocket friendly price. This has lasted me for 4 months, and I have reached the bottom 1/3 of the tub. Products like these, while unopened, have a shelf life of one year. Once opened, they have a shelf life of 6 months. Since I've only got a third to go, I can reasonably say that I can finish the entire tub within 2 months.

I love wash-off masks because I love the luxurious, creamy feeling of putting them on my face.
The product is decadently thick and slightly springy. It feels cool and soothing on the face - perfect for melting the day's stress away (perhaps while watching a sugarcoated happy K-drama). It claims to brighten and soften the skin through the power of blueberries. I find this true, but only if you leave it on for more than 20 minutes.

I usually leave the mask on for an hour - the approximate running time of one Prosecutor Princess episode - and when I wash it off, my face feels extremely soft and looks absolutely radiant. I've also tried leaving it on for the prescribed 20 minutes, but the results aren't as glamorous. You still get soft skin, but it won't be as radiant as compared to leaving it on for an hour.

(Note that leaving a mask on for more than the prescribed time may not be recommended. Your skin may react aversely to the prolonged exposure. My skin was compatible enough with the product so that I experienced no bad effects from leaving it on for 40 minutes longer  Determine your skin's compatibility before trying this yourself!)

Would I buy this again? No, not at this time. It's a great little product, but there are still so many variants to try, and so many shows to watch them with.

Black sugar mask while watching Game of Thrones, anyone?

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