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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunday Shots X

Welcome to the tenth Sunday Shots, aka my weekly attempt at keeping the blog constantly updated! Sunday Shots posts will be picture posts about the things I've been doing with makeup, school, and assorted cutesy shit.

(Apologies for the absence, a lot of things happened this October.)

Things in my bag. I'm still using the bag I featured in the last Sunday Shots.
Things in my makeup pouch. I keep an extra ID lanyard for when
I forget my real ID. Ssssh, don't tell the librarians.
Things in my pencil case.
Stationery always brightens up my day, especially in a bleak
environment like mine. Fight!
I've been looking for Abundance for a long time (bit of a Marie Antoinette fan haha).
Also, I've always wanted a hardbound copy of Sherlock Holmes stories, and since this
damaged (but very pretty and very hardbound) copy was selling for only P360,
it also came home with me.
One of my empty body butter tubs is now my bulldog clip container,
for my many many many many sheets of paper.
Nails of the sembreak. I like how they turned out. :D
After more than a month of using Pure Beauty's eye cream,
this is the result. I think it did work, even if just a little bit.
Comparison/contrast of the shot I took last September 18, and of the shot I took today, November 1.
Click the picture to enlarge.


  1. I love those Lisa Franks!!! I'm still into sticky notes, statios, and stickers til now... I can't let go of them. Too cute to pass up. Hihihi~ Thanks for sharing~

  2. Oh, welcome back! I love your Lisa Frank-y statios and your polka dot& sky blue nails!

  3. What a pretty bag, cute school supplies and I love love your bulldog clips! That's a nice way to brighten up your UP law school life. :)) Your nails are also pretty, you made them? :)

  4. Claire - Yes, I made that mani :D

  5. Galing! I can make nail art sometimes but never never french tips. Haha.

  6. WOW.. that eye cream really made a difference :O Love the french nail art design for your NOTD~

  7. cute stuff!!! <33 and nice nail art!! I wish I could do that :) the eye cream made a difference! It makes me want to try as well :)

  8. i used to collect lisa frank stickers before and i also have the cat notepad although can't remember where they went =( hehe also love ur french nail art

  9. I love your Sunday Shots. You have the neatest stuff! :))

  10. I love seeing "what's-in-my-bag" photos. I like the design on your nails. :)


  11. hi :) where did you buy your uber cute pens? :3

    1. Hello daniela, sorry for the uber late reply!

      I bought the Little Twin Stars pens at Gift Gate. The solid colored pens below them are from MUJI.


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