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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Shots IX

Welcome to the ninth Sunday Shots, aka my weekly attempt at keeping the blog constantly updated! Sunday Shots posts will be picture posts about the things I've been doing with makeup, school, and assorted cutesy shit.

At long last! A Little Twin Stars bag that doesn't look too childish!
(With this, I can blatantly be the oddball woman-child that I am XD)

It fits all my stuff just as well as my regular "supposed-to-be-my-age" bags.
(Yes, that's an extension cord thingy to the right. Not enough power outlets,
so I bring that to share. :P)
Freebies from a forum I attended, where one of the owners of Human <3 Nature
was a speaker. I love the hand sanitizer's candy scent. :D
Deco charms! I don't know where to put them yet though.
Yay Japanese kit kat!
A restaurant near school sells these.
Mother has been bugging me to wear earrings lately, because
"I'm wasting my pierced ears." I didn't like the earrings
she wanted me to wear (too plain and/or old lady), so I got these.


  1. the earrings and the deco charms are sooo cute! :3

  2. Those are such cute earrings. :P

    And that bag - Little Twin Stars!

  3. That bag is so win. Don't your teachers get distracted? Haha!

  4. Kari - HAHAHA we shall see if they do get distracted this week. :))

  5. Aww, human <3 nature!
    I extremely love the moisturizing power and the absolutely low price of their lip balms! :)
    The sanitizer is a bit of a so-so for me though.. I prefer the traditional rubbing alcohol..

    And those cupcake earrings are really cute! :D

  6. Kirin - Haha, baliktad tayo. I don't like the lip balm much because I prefer ones that have a bit of sting to them, like Carmex. It's also not as emollient as I'd like. I like the scent though. :D And I find that I LOVE their hand sanitizer. Citrusy fresh!

  7. Cute stuff! Especially the Little Twin Stars bag. If I had to make a choice between Hello Kitty and the Twins, the Twins would win hands-down.

    I hope you'd get back to blogging soon, Dee. Your posts are always fun and nicely written.


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