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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Shots VII

Welcome to the seventh Sunday Shots, aka my weekly attempt at keeping the blog constantly updated! Sunday Shots posts will be picture posts about the things I've been doing with makeup, school, and assorted cutesy shit.

New favorite potion. The mintiness is an instant head-clearer and breath freshener!

My usual prescribed toner doesn't seem to be working for me anymore,
possibly because of the constant late nights. (I used to be a morning person!)
I haven't got time to visit the doctor for new toner so I picked this up
at the recommendation of a friend also studying law.
I hope it works for me just as well as it does for her!
Not an eraser, but my faitfhful USB drive. I've had it since last year, 
when CD-R King started making cute designs. In today's times, you can never leave 
home without one of these.
Tita came home from a trip to Korea and she gave me these as pasalubong.
I've seen the green polish in local Face Shop stores but not the blue polish
and the nail stickers. The cherry ones are my favorite!

And my NOTW for this week... Orly Space Cadet. This polish is amazing. You can never really tell what color it is! (Please forgive the dents, I don't have time to redo them and photographing a color-shifting polish like this is hard!)
Sometimes it's purple,
other times it's gold,
and other times, it's green!


  1. I love the Orly Space Cadet... but I bet it's expensive. Hehe. When it comes to polishes dun lang talaga ako sa mga cheap. No budget pa ako for Orly, OPI and the like. :P BTW I like your USB. Ang cute! ^__^

  2. Oh, I love the cherry stickers, too! They are so cute! I never saw those drives and also, that toner didn't work for me :(

  3. I want to try that tea, it sounds yummy. My favorite is still Twinings Four Red Fruits Tea... It smells heavenly and so yummy too.

    I've tried using Skinwhite facial cleanser, it worked well for me and really helped clear my break out. Now, I switched to Garnier Milky lightening dew as my toner and currently loving it!

  4. We're both doing quite the same thing! School, make-up, blog, and then some shit.. Haha! I uber love tea as well. I love my lemon or green tea in jasmine added with some honey. They're super calming aren't they? Love your nails! They're hot!!!

    Hey, maybe you'd like to join my giveaway. Please check my blog for the details. :D Thank you!



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